Nimbus Huey, Maintenance Module

Nimbus Simulation Studios has shared some additional information regarding the maintenance module to be included as part of the developers upcoming Huey for X-Plane 11.

Basically, the system will include two options, “realistic” and “always like new.” The “realistic” option will accumulate wear and damage according to flight activities, this includes oil, battery, hydraulic fluid, and other such items. According to the developer, “The maintenance is a very simple procedure, you will only have to click the item you want to repair/refill and wait a couple of seconds.” Lack of attention to applicable maintenance requirements might lead to corresponding failures during flight.

Alternatively, the “always like new” option will simply ignore these items.

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Moreover, with respect to overall project status, the developer notes, “We are getting closer….”

For a far more detailed description of the maintenance module, jump to page 6 of the official preview thread via

Thank you to Rafael for the tip.

*Images courtesy of Nimbus Simulation Studios.

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