Onfinal Studio Berlevåg Airport, Released

NORWAY – Onfinal Studio has released ENBV, Berlevåg Airport for Prepar3D V4.4.  The scenery is offered free of charge and features satellite ground imagery, summer + winter seasonal textures, custom buildings within the airport perimeter, dynamic lighting, day + night textures, and custom taxiway signs.

Serving Berlevåg Municipality in northeastern Norway, the airport is a small regional facility with Dash 8-100 service by Widerøe.

Check out some release images below.

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For more information or to download, visit the scenery page via the developers website.

You may recall, back in November 2018, Onfinal also released Castellón Airport.

*Images courtesy of Onfinal Studio.

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  • Hi

    I am about to download your lovely Berlevåg airport. I have created high resolution photoreal coverage for a large area from Vadsö airport in the south to Berlevåg in the north using the Norgebilder.no source Great result!! Just curious how you came to pick such a remote (but beautiful) area when you selected Berlevåg. That said, will you ever consider Vadsö Airport, Batsfjord or Vardo? They are all part of my photoreal covverage area.

    On to my question. What are the concrete looking big blocks that cover the parking lot and the sides of the runway etc? I cant find these on any photos or satelite images?


    • Hi Mikael,

      Sadly, we are just a news site and don’t have the skills for scenery design! However, the website link for Onfinal is located at the bottom of this page. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.


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