Orbx 2019 Project Roadmap

John Venema of Orbx has now completed the 2019 project roadmap livestream and posted a summary via the Orbx preview forum.  The complete summary includes 231 screenshots and a massive amount of information relating to both upcoming projects as well as the general direction of the organization.  As such, I won’t even try to paraphrase the entirety of the content.  However, as a quick point of reference, I have included a list of projects identified during the livestream or noted as part of the roadmap summary.

First, check out a single screenshot from an unidentified project by Jarrard Marshall.

Next, see the roadmap project list including platform details.

  • OpenLC Africa – FSX / Prepar3D
  • NZNV, Invercargill – Prepar3D
  • KSGU, St. George – Prepar3D
  • KSBA, Santa Barbara, SODE jetway update – FSX / Prepar3D
  • LDDU, Dubrovnik, SODE jet update – FSX / Prepar3D
  • Channel Islands Alderney – Prepar3D
  • CityScene Honolulu – Prepar3D
  • Australia V2 – FSX / Prepar3D
  • Global Buildings HD – FSX / Prepar3D
  • KSUN, Sun Valley – Prepar3D V4
  • LEAS, Asturias – Prepar3D
  • ESSA, Stockholm, major update, Prepar3D
  • CityScene Orlando, Prepar3D
  • CAE3, Campbell River, FSX / Prepar3D
  • Cityscape Cote D’Azure, Prepar3D
  • Boulder City 61B, FSX / Prepar3D
  • LIEO, Olbia City + Airport, Prepar3D
  • KBUR, Burbank, Prepar3D
  • ENBO, Bodø – FSX / Prepar3D
  • KDAL, Dallas Love Field, Prepar3D
  • TrueEarth Great Britain South, Prepar3D V4
  • TrueEarth Pacific Northwest, Prepar3D V4
  • TrueEarth Great Britain South, Service Pack 1, X-Plane 11
  • TrueEarth Netherland North, X-Plane 11
  • TrueEarth Great Britain North, X-Plane 11
  • KEGE, Eagle County, X-Plane 11
  • Unidentified project by Jarrad Marshall, X-Plane 11
  • EGSG, Stapleford, X-Plane 11
  • Orbx Global, X-Plane 11
  • KSEZ, Sedona, Aerofly FS2

To review the complete 2019 roadmap and all the preview screenshots, see the original source post by John Venema.

*Image courtesy of Orbx Simulation Systems.

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