Orbx AI Traffic Australia + New Zealand, Prepar3D V4 Update

Orbx has released a major product update for the freeware AI traffic pack for both Australia + New Zealand. Developed by Graham Eccleston, the update is applicable to Prepar3D V4 only and features a number of wide-ranging improvements to the existing build. Items of note include reworked AI traffic models, the addition of military aircraft and flight plans, and an alternate APX for FlyTampa YSSY.

Please see below for a list of key features.


  • Addition of RAAF military aircraft and flight plans. Every aircraft in current RAAF fleet has been depicted in this update.
  • Flight plans for all Australian carriers as well as some International carriers have been completely re-written based on actual airline schedules for August 2018.
  • Many new airline and GA models added including the Boeing B787 range, Mooney M20J, Cirrus SR22 etc.
  • New texture based light emitters added to supplement and improve the P3D Dynamic Lighting effect for all models.
  • LUA scripting used to darken aircraft lighting for airline aircraft parked during non-operating overnight periods.
  • AI traffic added for every updated airport in the upcoming Australia V2 package.
  • All the AI aircraft in this package have been reworked and compiled specifically for P3D V4 with features not supported in FSX or earlier versions of P3D. As such, you should only use it in P3D V4 and it should not be copied over in part or full to FSX or P3D V3 or earlier as some of the aircraft models will cause those sims to crash.
  • As with the previous release, this update includes an optional ATC Sound file with additional call signs, aircraft types and airports not included in the default ATC sound file. This has had further updates for this package.
  • An alternate APX for the FlyTampa YSSY Sydney airport is also included and can be activated via the Control Panel as before


To review the complete update announcement, see the source post via the Orbx release forum. Alternatively, jump directly to the product page via OrbxDirect.

Keep in mind, Orbx AU Australia V2 is also coming soon.

*Image courtesy of Orbx Simulation Systems.

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