Orbx Announces Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport for Prepar3D V4

SERBIA – Orbx has announced LYBE, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport for Prepar3D V4. Developed jointly by Misha Cajic and Rasha Tucakov, the project includes not only the airport itself but a comprehensive CityScene covering the majority of the Belgrade metropolitan area. According to Misha.

We have modeled the entire airport in superb detail using extensive real-world photography, including interior modelling throughout the entire terminal building, making sure you have an immersive experience no matter which gate you start your flight at. There’s also plenty of landside details to feast your eyes on – most noteworthy by far is the air museum, with every outside exhibit custom-modeled.  Beyond the airport, we’ve included a comprehensive CityScene, covering the majority of the Belgrade metro area in exquisite detail – with hundreds of POIs, apartment blocks, bridges and landmarks modeled in high detail, this is one of our most detailed and realistic cities to date. We have created all of this with the latest P3Dv4 native technologies and optimizations, making sure that you can fly here with even the most resource intensive aircraft.

Check out some preview images below.

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Next, see a product features list.


  • Ultra-detailed rendition of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
  • Complete hand-coloured 5 seasonal variants
  • Long runway suitable for any kind of airliner operations
  • Animated SODE jetways
  • Superbly crafted terminal with interior modelling and custom reflections
  • High detail multi-elevation parking lots and arrivals/departures areas
  • Custom static aircraft, vegetation, and non-airside details
  • Animated vehicles, GSE and PeopleFlow
  • Advanced ambient occlusion and night lighting rendering techniques
  • Designed to work best with Orbx Global or OpenLC Europe
  • Developed for Prepar3D v4


  • Hundreds of custom POIs and buildings, including Usce, New Belgrade, Church of St. Sava, Beogradjanka, Avala Tower, VMA, Red Star Stadium, Palace of Serbia, and many more!
  • All major bridges in the city custom modelled
  • Over 100 square km of hand annotated, seasonal 50cm photoreal terrain to explore
  • huge extended area of custom landclass, mesh, roads and rivers beyond the primary coverage area, seamlessly blending with the photoreal coverage

To review the complete project announcement including additional preview images, see the source post via Orbx. Stay tuned for more.

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