Orbx Buildings HD Explained

In response to some recent confusion surrounding Orbx Buildings HD, lead developer Scott Armstrong has posted a brief guide outlining product scope. Please see below for the complete guide as well as several new preview images.

Buildings HD Explained

Since it seems that there is a bit of confusion as to exactly which buildings will be improved by Buildings HD, we’ve decided to put together this guide to make sure everything is clear.

Buildings HD is a worldwide Autogen Building Upgrade

Buildings HD improves the appearance of autogen buildings worldwide.

Textures are based on photos taken from many locations around the world, in the actual locations that they represent in the sim.

All textures have been expertly edited to accurately portray the regions they represent, with uniform window reflections, improved scaling, and ambient occlusion shading.

It includes a complete overhaul of the autogen.bgl object library – Over 400 new building models for water towers, farm buildings, religious structures, and more.

It can be used with or without other Orbx products.

What buildings are not affected by Buildings HD?

Buildings HD will not change the appearance of airport buildings or custom made scenery objects.

Will Buildings HD improve buildings in Orbx products?

Yes, Buildings HD will improve the autogen buildings seen in almost the entire Orbx product catalog.

This includes all of the autogen buildings seen in:

  • Global BASE
  • OpenLC Europe, North America, and South America
  • Regions:
    • North America: PNW, CRM, NRM, PFJ, SAK, NCA, SCA
    • Australia V1 and V2
    • New Zealand North and South
    • Europe: NOR, ENG, WLS, SCO, IRE, NIR
  • CityScapes:  Our cityscape products contain a combination of custom and autogen buildings.  The city centers and landmark buildings are usually custom buildings and thus will not be upgraded by Buildings HD.
  • Airports: Houses and small buildings in the surrounding area are usually autogen, and thus will see an upgrade.

Which Orbx products will not be upgraded by Buildings HD?

  • TrueEarth regions
  • Germany North and South

The TrueEarth regions make heavy use of custom buildings, which are not upgraded by Buildings HD.

The Germany regions use custom autogen textures carefully made by Frank Schnibben and it was decided that they would not be replaced by Buildings HD.

Here are some screenshots showing Buildings HD with some Orbx regions and airports:

The original post is available via the Orbx preview forum. Keep in mind, release is coming soon and the price is already set at $34.95 AUD.

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