Orbx Introduces Cityscape Honolulu

UNITED STATES – Orbx has formally introduced Cityscape Honolulu for Prepar3D V4. Developed by Frank Schnibben and Holger Sandmann, the scenery covers the entire Hawaiian island of Oahu. According to the project introduction (by colleague Jarrad Marshall).

Far more than a regular Cityscape, Honolulu includes a host of details and features. 20,000 unique custom buildings, hand-placed vegetation, 60+ high-detail POI (with complete PBR), road traffic, bridges, night lighting hand-coloured photoreal are just the start. The 3D buildings are created in a totally different method to our CityScene line; Frank’s method combines correct footprint, height data and unique textures with highly-optimized modelling to ensure the best balance between performance, detail and immersion. Beyond the metro area, an entire mini-region has been created, with high-detail mesh, custom landclass types, totally overhauled road/rail, coastline, waterbody, waterclass, vertical obstructions, powerlines and more. All eight airfields on the island (five active, three decommissioned) have been greatly improved over the default, and create the perfect bases for you to explore the stunning terrain.

Check out some preview images below.

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Next, see a product features list.

  • A complete Cityscape and Mini-Region covering Honolulu and the entire island of Oahu
  • Ultra-HD photorealistic depiction of Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor and Pearl City
  • All eight Oahu airports have been upgraded from default to “region standard” – much like you see in AUv2, GES/GEN, etc.
  • Mixture of photoreal and custom landclass textures for best balance between realism, performance and download/disk usage.
  • High-quality mesh, based on high-resolution LIDAR, including underwater bathymetry
  • Complete replacement of all geodata for Oahu for a much more detailed and accurate landscape; shorelines, lakes, road/rail, traffic etc.
  • 23,000 unique custom buildings with exact footprint and height data, combined with 90,000 custom-placed agn buildings
  • Over 60 high-detail POIs, most with complete PBR texturing
  • Detailed depiction of Pearl Harbor with all museums and relevant historical sites
  • Visit the USS MissouriUSS Bowfin and USS Arizona Memorial
  • Numerous helipad locations, including on custom US Navy ships in harbor.
  • Exceptionally detailed hand-placed vegetation using local flora types
  • All vertical obstructions on the island; wind turbines, antennae, power grid towers, chimneys etc
  • Stunning night lighting, including dynamic and 3D lighting for best visuals and performance
  • Exhaustively optimized for best performance using unique modelling and texturing techniques.
  • >1500 sq km of stunning tropical terrain
  • Created by powerhouse developers Frank Schnibben and Holger Sandmann, with additional help from Chris Clack and Gaya Simulations

To review the complete project introduction including additional screenshots, see the source post via the Orbx preview forum. Stay tuned for more.

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