Orbx Netherlands Delayed for FSX and P3D V1/2/3

John Venema of Orbx has announced that select versions of the upcoming Orbx Netherlands TrueEarth release are to be delayed indefinitely.  Specifically, development for FSX and Prepar3D V1, 2, and 3 have come to a full stop.  This is due to memory management challenges when using 32-bit platforms, in simplistic terms, there is insufficient memory when using more complex aircraft in tandem with the scenery.

Orbx Netherlands TrueEarth Delayed

However, development of Netherlands TrueEarth does continue with a focus on Aerofly FS2 and X-Plane 11 platforms.  This was bound to happen eventually and represents yet another blow to older 32-bit simulators.  Do keep in mind, this statement relates only to Orbx Netherlands TrueEarth.

Please see the full statement below as posted by John via the Orbx forums.

After much effort to try and minimise OOMs with the Netherlands TrueEarth product running on 32-bit FSX and P3Dv1,2,3 we have decided to put the release on hold for now and instead focus on the AFS2 and XP11 versions.

Whilst Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Hague run fine on default GA aircraft, once you add any complex GA and airliners to the mix the memory management can’t cope with the number of objects to display, even after we reduced the large cities substantially.

We have not yet abandoned all hope, but we don’t want to waste too much resources on what is proving to be a difficult problem to overcome. For users of FSX and P3D 32-bit, please accept my apologies for this; we have to re-think the design process for 4GB addressable (3GB useable) memory platforms before we commit to making TrueEarth series available for them.

We would encourage customers to seriously consider the transition to a 64-bit platform which the majority of our users have already done.

Please note we still intend to provide 32-bit support for all future airport releases where they are released for FSX/P3D initially.

Stay tuned, we will provide any further updates as information becomes available.  To visit the official Orbx forums, click here.

*Image courtesy of Orbx Simulation Systems.

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