Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth for Aerofly FS2, Video Testing

John Dow of Orbx has posted a new preview video demonstrating the “incredible performance” of Netherlands TrueEarth for Aerofly FS2.  Thanks to the advanced rendering capabilities of Aerofly, the platform is very much suited to this type of large scale photoreal scenery.  John goes on to say, “Mid range machine running 4K resolution ans as smooth as velvet.”.

Check out the video below.

The project was last previewed this past weekend, see our post dated August 4, 2018 for more.

To review the original source post, jump to the applicable thread via the Orbx forums.  If you’d like to learn more about the existing version for Prepar3D V4, check out the official product page.

*Video and feature image courtesy of Orbx Simulation Systems.

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