Orbx NZGS, Gisborne Airport, Train Crossing

Orbx has released a new preview video from NZGS, Gisborne Airport coming soon by Finni Hansen.  Accompanying the new preview video, the caption reads, “Finni and the rest of the Orbx team are so hyped about Gisborne Airport coming out soon, that he put together this short video of his train chugging across the runway.  How cool is that?!”.  Gisborne is of course one of only a handful of airports worldwide featuring this type of unique design.

Check out the video below.

The project was announced earlier this month, see our post dated September 3, 2018 for more information.  To review the original preview video and accompanying commentary, see the source post via the Orbx Facebook page.

*Video and feature image courtesy of Orbx Simulation Systems.

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