Orbx openLC Africa + Asia, Brief Status Update

John Venema of Orbx has provided a brief status update regarding openLC Africa and openLC Asia, both for FSX and Prepar3D. Please see below for the applicable section.

openLC Africa

This project has been delayed many times, and it’s both our own fault (we allowed the developer to focus on other projects) and one of a lack of suitable data sources. The current status is about 75% complete and we have about 3.5 months of work to get to a full beta build. The main issue is that a lot of the continent’s landclass now has to be manually created due to a distinct lack of data in Africa. The good news is that all textures are completed, and that is a large part of the project done. I do apologise for these continual delays and I am mindful we have repeatedly promised delivery timeframes which have not been met, which goes against our usual modus operandi.

openLC Asia

Exciting news on this front! Holger Sandmann is now leading a parallel team to work on OLC Asia and work will commence in earnest in the next week or so and we’re aiming for a release well before years’ end. This will be a spectacular and diverse region to explore and will also include some amazing photoreal areas such as Mount Fuji in Japan to name but one.

Lastly and perhaps most important, according to John, “This means you can count on two OLC regions in your hands well before Xmas.”

If you’d like to review the original status update, see the source post via the Orbx forums.

Please note, the above screenshot depicts openLC Africa and was included as part of the 2019 project roadmap.

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