Orbx OpenLC Africa Delayed + Australia V2 New Information

Over the past several weeks via the Orbx discussion forums, John Venema has disclosed some new information concerning both OpenLC Africa as well as AU Australia V2.  Firstly, OpenLC Africa has been delayed, according to John, “OpenLC Africa has been pushed back to February so we can finish TrueEarth Great Britain South for P3D.  These sorts of delays will be avoided once we hire more developers for our UK dev centre.”

Next, with respect to the AU Australia V2 region package, release is currently planned for February – John explains, “Australia is going well, likely to be February now.  It’s a BIG continent to upgrade but good progress is being made.”  Moreover, in response to a query regarding difference between the current SP4 version of AU Australia and V2, John remarks, “It will also include a Melbourne Cityscape, brand new landclass textures, upgraded coastal waters and much more.”

Please note, the below image is simply for reference purposes and illustrates the existing AU Australia region.

Orbx Australia V2 New Information OpenLC Africa Delayed

To review the original commentary regarding OpenLC Africa and the AU Australia V2 release timeline, see page 8 of the 2018 roadmap thread and scroll down.  If you’d like to read the commentary concerning the Melbourne cityscape and region features, visit the applicable thread titled, “Australia V2.”

*Image courtesy of Orbx Simulation Systems.

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