Orbx Posts New KVUO, Pearson Field Previews

Bill Womack has posted several new preview images of his upcoming Pearson Field to be published via the Orbx brand.  The project has already been previewed to a certain extent, visit this post from May 2, 2018 to review.  As always, everything looks fantastic, Bill is a true master in terms of scenery design.  This is going to be a wonderful destination perfectly situated in Vancouver, Washington just across the river from Portland, Oregon.  As there is some overlap in images from the previous preview post, the pictures have been separated between old and new.  First, lets take a look at the new preview images.

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Next, lets take a look at some of the previously posted preview images released directly by iBlueYonder on their Facebook page.

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According to Bill, “We’re just about to let loose with KVUO, so after keeping mum for so long, I thought I’d send up a few preview pics. I’m so happy to be working back in the Pacific Northwest again! :-)”.  Sounds good, can’t wait!

To see the original source, visit the referenced preview thread as posted on the Orbx forums.

*Images courtesy of Orbx Simulations Systems.

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