Orbx Swedish Bundle, More Information + New Airfield

Orbx has posted some additional information regarding the upcoming Swedish bundle by Marcus Nyberg.  As previously reported, the package was expected to feature both ESSD, Dala Airport and ESNQ, Kiruna.  However, earlier this month, Marcus hinted at the possible addition of a third airfield to complete the package.  The third airfield has now been confirmed as ESSV, Visby Airport.

Certainly a fantastic addition making for an extremely thorough package.  Moreover, according the Aimee Sanjari of Orbx, release is “coming soon.”

Check out some preview images below from all three airports.

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Next, see a comprehensive description of each airfield per Aimee Sanjari.

ESSV Visby Airport

Visby is located in Gotland, an island located southeast of Stockholm in the Baltic sea. Sweden is normally a rainy place, however Gotland may be the exception! Famous for nice weather, beautiful landscapes and world heritage sites, it is a hugely popular destination for Swedish nature lovers, tan-seeking beach goers, party people, and the Swedish political elite. Famous Swedish director Ingmar Bermgan used to live here and a lot of his movies are set in the surrounding area.

ESSV itself is a busy airport made up of three main areas: Swedish military operations run out of the northern part of the airport, a buzzing commercial airport takes up the majority of space in the middle, and there is also a GA area in the southern region with a cross-direction grass airstrip straight under the approach to the runway.

Visby Airport has been developed with great care and is highly detailed featuring high res textures throughout the airport and advanced modeling to ensure maximum realism. Marcus spent a lot of time trying to make atmosphere as true-to-life as possible around the city of Visby, the harbour and the old town with custom objects and coloring, really capturing the unique Swedish vibe around the airports. He has even included custom vehicles that you would normally find in the area!

ESSD Dala Airport

Across the Baltic Sea and northwest of Visby is Dala Airport, located in Dalarna County just outside the city of Borlänge, and 25 minutes drive from where Marcus grew up in Falun. This county is famous for tourism as well, however as it is close to Stockholm, Dala Airport is primarily used for charter flights & general aviation – commercial traffic is very limited. It also hosts a model airplane club and has a very active glider community.

Dala Airport is an important milestone for Marcus, as he once developed it for FS9 years ago as freeware – he is incredibly excited to bring ESSD up to date for the modern simulation market. This airport features a very cool approach with approach lights located in a nearby horse paddock as well as animated horses (I’ve never heard of a horse strike before but nevertheless, make sure you aren’t coming in too low!) Another cool feature of Dala is the replication of the famous red houses in the surrounding area, which have been modelled in-sim.

ESNQ Kiruna Airport

For our final airport, we are taking you waaaaay up north – 1,200 kilometers north of Dalarna County – to ESNQ Kiruna Airport, a mining town towards the far tip of the Norwegian border. Kiruna is situated in the middle of the vast Swedish tundra, however it is vital to the Swedish economy. Kiruna is the key city in the northern inland part of Sweden and is an important source of iron ore as well as a popular tourist destination for hikers and climbers en route to the nearby Scandinavian Mountains which boasts the highest mountain in in Sweden, Kebnekeise.

ESNQ Kiruna Airport has been developed with high detail, high resolution textures and even 3D-snow to create an immersive feeling that really captures the nordic spirit. As Kiruna is close to the Norwegian border, it has frequent links to Stockholm-Arlanda which feature primarily private jets and cargo traffic. A lot of work and precision has been put into details such as a whole new fleet of Swedish airport vehicles and flora unique to the surrounding area.The town has also been updated with 100,000’s of handplaced houses and trees as well as the nearby mining area.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-detailed renditions of Dala Airport, Kiruna Airport, and Visby Airport
  • Advanced baked ambient lighting
  • PeopleFlow throughout the three main airports
  • Custom vehicles and objects typical to Swedish aiports [sic]
  • 30/50cm airport and approach coverage
  • Introducing new unique 3D Snow effect at ESSD & ESNQ
  • High resolution textures throughout the airports
  • Towns of Visby & Kiruna

To review the complete set of preview imagery as well as accompanying commentary, see the source thread via the Orbx preview forums.

On a related note, Aerosoft recently announced their own ESNQ, Kiruna project, see our post dated September 14, 2018 for more information.

*Images courtesy of Orbx Simulation Systems.

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