Ortho4XP Technical Port for FSX + Prepar3D

Avsim forum user kjjj11223344 has introduced a method for installing Ortho4XP to FSX and Prepar3D.  Although somewhat complex and very much limited with regards to autogen implementation, the option is certainly an exciting development.

Ortho4XP FSX Prepar3D

Instead of attempting to explain myself, please see below for a copy of the post by kjjj11223344 via the Avsim forums.

Hey guys,

I modified Ortho4XP version 1.30 to enable support for FSX/P3D. The main advantage over FSEarthTiles is that water masks are created dynamically and accurately from OpenStreetMap data at extremely high detail (no more slaving over creating accurate water masks). I will try to add creation of night and seasonal masks in the future (no ETA as I’m very busy).

All that it requires is ticking the box “Build for ESP (FSX/P3D)” before clicking on batch build. The BGL files will be placed inside the main program directory\Orthophotos\. From there, find the folder which contains the orthophotos for the area just downloaded. In that folder will be an ADDON_SCENERY folder. This can be renamed to whatever name you wish and added to FSX/P3D scenery.

The program requires resample.exe from the FSX/P3D SDK. You can install the SDK from Lockheed Martin’s website if you have P3D. If you have FSX, the SDK comes on one of the discs of the deluxe edition or in the gold/acceleration pack disk.

In Ortho4XP.cfg, you need to change the last line (ie

And type in the location to your resample.exe from the SDK after the equals sign, deleting the current location that is already there. Notice that backslashes need to be escaped with another backslash, so make sure to always put two backslashes instead of one for windows paths.)

I have provided a binary built using pyinstaller in the dist folder. If you don’t trust it, then feel free to install all the required modules manually and run Ortho4XP_v130.py in the main folder with python.

Forks and pull requests are welcome with bug fixes/feature improvements. I plan to add creation of night masks and season masks by porting over these algorithms from the masking scripts of the new version of FSEarthTiles.

Please notify me of any bugs here, so that I have a better chance of seeing it.

Here is a link to the github where you can download the code and the binary (note, you need to download the whole repository even if you just want the binary):


Finally, and this is pretty obvious, use at your own risk :).

Moreover, although not currently possible, the developer hopes to add functionality with regards to overlaying autogen as part of a future update.  Stay tuned for more details.

To review the original information source, jump to the applicable post via the Avsim forums.  If you’d like to download Ortho4XP, visit the software GitHub page.

*Feature image courtesy of Digital Flight Wire.

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