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Bernardo of Photosim Labs has posted a general status update regarding various ongoing projects and provides some clarification behind the delay of South Bimini & Cat Cay. Instead of paraphrasing, please see below for the complete post including applicable images.


Good day,

As you all may know, it has been a learning and frustrating experience to get my first release out there. I was out of the country last week for over a week taking care of work in my “real” job, but nevertheless managed to finally open a Transferwise account with a European based address, which is what I needed, but could not do while the application originated in the US, believe me, we tried and tried.

I have finished the first two sets of Bahamas scenery: MYBS / MYCC & MYBC / Little Whale Cay. Aside from minor tweaking here and there from an overzealous first time developer, it is more than ready for release. Additionally, there are several islands being developed, and work on the first major Bahamas airport has started, Grand Bahama International, with the international terminal and tower building. We also have received the first pictures from Cuba, buildings along the Malecon, the airport at Isla de la Juventud, and the airport and city of Santiago de Cuba. For those worried that the projects have been abandoned or closed, rest assured, and let me emphasize, that will never ever happen, I am proud of the work, the evolvement, and the future of it.

To fully explain the reason for the latest delay in release would mean that I would need to divulge details that at this point I cannot do. I will say that within the past two months I have been contacted by three sources, for which I am very honored, and offers have been within the past three weeks that require my attention and careful consideration. The delay with Transferwise made me realize that I needed to look at what is best for the scenery and for me in terms of packaging, distribution, etc.

This does not mean that I will not stick to my original plan, or that my original plan is not the best scenario, but this after all is a business, and a business decision at that, therefore due dilligence is needed. Having said that, it needs to come to a head very soon, specially for those simmers who pre-ordered quite some time ago, and for which the deep discount offer I made for them on the second scenery set is no longer enough in my opinion.

I have hired a web developer for our new website, while I appreciated Wix, it is time a professionaly looking site is in place for the future of PhotoSim Labs. Hopefully the new site will be up very soon.

Should any of you have any questions for me, please PM me here at Facebook page, at our support page at Avsim, or email me, I always have and will always do my best at replying to your questions or concerns promptly.

In the meantime, I have some pictures to share. Please take care, stay healthy, and never forget to let your loved ones know you care.


PhotoSim Labs

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