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FRANCE – Since the initial release back in January 2019, Pilot Experience Sim has posted numerous product updates in regard to Aéroport de Montpellier–Méditerranée (LFMT) for Prepar3D v4 (and now v5). The current release brings the software up to Version 1.4.2 and continues to incorporate ongoing improvements including revised autogen exclusions and better compatibility with Prepar3D v5.

Please see below for a complete historical changelog current as of May 16, 2020.

V1.4.2 > online update via PESIM Central or via setup

  • Added autogen exclude for P3DV5 included in the setup 1.4.2

  • Updated taxisigns halos effect for P3DV4 and P3DV5

  • Updated user manual (PESIM GSX2 jetways preset recall)

V1.4.1 > online update via PESIM Central

  • Added more autogen exclude to delete stock airport autogen in P3DV5


  • New setup for P3DV5

  • New PESIM Central for P3DV5

  • New full texture optimization (+10 to 15 fps)

  • Added UHD texture patch link (optional)

  • Added city option included “Parc des expositions and Parc Méditerranée”

  • Added new Sixt car location

  • Added B767 UPS low poly PBR static airplane

  • Updated server files to reduce download time by the number of checked files

  • Added animated flags

  • Updated user manual

  • Updated autogen exclusion aera for compatibility with ORBX buildings as well as P3DV4.5 Hotfix 3


  • Fixed all dynamic effect controlers (avoids missing effects on every system types)


  • Fixed lost dynamic lights from other airport (ALS+RWY) since P3DV4.5


  • New full installer compiled

  • Added GSX profile update to full installer


  • Updated ALS Object and effect controller

  • Updated Runway lights controller

  • Added blue/red lights fix into PESIM effect folder (may help to bypass the manual patch in waiting)


  • Updated AFCAD airline names (Added KLM,Volotea,Vueling,Transavia)

  • Updated “Sixt” Jetways logo (in doc manual update from now)

  • Updated few AFCAD gates settings

  • Updated Jetways autogen link setting from Normal to very sparse to help low computers to have defaut jetways as well as GSX preset

  • Fixed some issues with AFCAD airline names + added some in PESIM LFMT GSX preset to help with lost airlines codes

  • Updated user manual


  • Updated Runway and ALS lights to dynamic + increased distance

  • Added Taxisigns Halo light effect

  • Updated company names in AFACD to a better working with AI traffic softwares

  • Updated user manual

  • Added Updated LFMT_SODE_Fix zip in Simmarket account  (waiting next full setup )

  • Some SODE generic informations have been updated to avoid some possible conflicts with the same “old”generic names. This SODE part of the update need to be done manually from now.

  • Updated LFMT Configurator home thumbnail


  • Updated PESIM SODE Windsocks

  • Fixed PESIM GSX2 preset auto installation issue (in some cases)


  • Updated PESIM LFMT Configurator

  • Updated user manual


  • Updated ORBX FTX Global autogen compatibility

  • Updated user manual


  • Added some PBR objects

  • Added PESIM PBR puddles

  • Updated P3D rain effect (wet runway) to SKD v4.4/4.5 compatibility.


  • Added SODE windsocks

  • Modified installer /deleted SODE.exe

  • Added last SODE link in doc scenery folder

  • Updated user manual : added SODE information

  • Included all previous online updates and fixes


  • Re-uploaded South edge runway lights object


  • Added separated installer

  • Added new LFMT Configurator

  • Added new PESIM Products update central

  • Added MPL GPU 3D vehicules

  • Optimized for ai traffic softwares (added closed gates)

  • Added custom PESIM runway lights system

  • Fixed red lights terminal ramp lights positions


  • Ppdated AFCAD > Optimized for AI traffic softwares (added closed gates)


  • “Double jetways from other company” fixed


  • Added real MPL Pushback trucks

  • Renamed scenery version on Simmarket to v1.1


  • Added  MPL Helicopters (Gendarmerie/Securite civile)

  • Added/replaced real MPL Fuel trucks

  • Added South library object (GA)


  • Added  MPL bird control vehicles


  • Replaced base firefighters vehicules by real pesim custom ones


  • Replaced base ALS by Cutsom PESIM LFMT ALS

  • Updated AFCAD (delete base ALS/Test new autogen exclusion method(3rd) to avoid FVFR double jetways)


  • Added “In maintenance” Static Aircrafts

  • Added base animated vehicles (Bus;Fuel truck)​


  • Fixed missing PESIM dynamic spot lights lost at night when coming from another airport

  • Added fix to apply in “Doc” to fix dynamic taxi blue and navred P3D effects lost at night when coming from another airport


  • Updated autogen exclusion method

  • Updated user manual


  • Updated LFMT Manager to v1.1 > new  faster dowload server

  • Updated airport tracks

  • Updated afcad fixed car in building / added aeroclub fence

  • Rebuild full texture folder to fix update issue

  • Fixed last missing textures

  • Re-activate rain effect lost in last fix

  • Added Arena aera autogen exclusion


  • Added a Valair complex missing spot light effect

  • Fixed Fidal missing night windows effect.


  • Fixed issue with P3D crashes activated.


  • Complete texture optimization to reduce download time and increase performances

  • Fixed some issues with manager who installing wrong files causing missing textures and fps lost.


  • Added extra exclusion zone to fix non PESIM visible objects (Jetways,buildings from other developers libraries like France VFR)

The scenery is priced at €18.00 EUR and is available via simMarket.

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