PMDG Announces Global Flight Operations at FlightSimExpo

During a presentation at FlightSimExpo 2018, Robert Randazzo of PMDG Simulations announced the developers latest project titled Global Flight Operations.

The software is in fact a simulation of global flight operations which allows users to share aircraft, transfer operational messages, dispatch via live ACARS data, and much more.  In simplistic terms, airplanes are basically checked in and out by users, one continues from the location and panel state of the previous user.  This functionality creates a simulated aircraft operational history, allows for varied flight routings, and further emulates real life operations.

Moreover, according to the developer, the software is compatible with non PMDG aircraft and a version is planned for the X-Plane platform.

Reactions to the announcement appear to be mixed with some disappointed at the lack of a new airplane project.  Others are absolutely ecstatic seeing this as a massive step forward in regards to realism.

PMDG Flight Operations Global DC-6

Beyond the new product announcement, Mr. Randazzo addressed several other aspects of the business including a features demonstration with respect to the developers upcoming 747-8, a possible iOS application, and a rebuild of PMDG Operations Centre software.

There was of course more but the big news was most definitely Global Flight Operations, certainly not what many expected.  If you’d like to learn more about PMDG Simulations, check out the developers website.

*Image courtesy of PMDG Simulations.

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