PMDG Boeing 747-400 + 747-8, Product Updates

PMDG has released a new product update applicable to both the Boeing 747-400 Queen of the Skies II and 747-8 Expansion.  According to Robert Randazzo of PMDG, “This update is primarily targeted at smoothing a few items that came up in the days post-release, with a bit of performance enhancement and some other detail cleanup as well.”

Moreover, with regards to installation, Robert notes, “You can get this update by running the PMDG Operations Center, then clicking on the settings wheel.  You should see a flag there to alert you of the present of the updates, and you can install from there.  Note that if you have FSX and FSX/SE, or if you have Prepar3D v3 and Prepar3D v4 installed side-by-side, you may see multiple flags.  We recommend you just click through all of them to install the available updates, and then close the operations center, and re-open it.  Then you will likely see some flags to alert you that your liveries may need repair in the 747-8.”

Please see below for a complete changelog.

PMDG 747-400/8 QOTSII **WIDE BETA** – BUILD 3.00.9019 (Released 2018-09-27) [ View Issues ] ===========================================================================
– 0007249: [Systems – Lighting – VC/2D] Panel lighting (backlight) too low during daylight (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007229: [External Model – Geometry] Main gear hydraulick piston not placed correctly (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0007238: [External Model – Geometry] Possible hole in -8f model (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0007215: [External Model – Geometry] Side Cargo door opening speed (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0007214: [External Model – Geometry] No lights in the main deck cargo (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0007231: [External Model – Geometry] Landing lights no reflection on fuselage in FSX (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0007222: [Systems – Hydraulic] RAT line missing from HYD3 in HYD synoptics page (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007247: [EFB – General] EFB touchscreen does not register correctly the mouse position (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007239: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] CANC RJCT button fonts (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007245: [EFB – General] EFB Passenger numbers incorrect when KG option is selected (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007244: [General – Unsure] Number of passengers in PAYLOAD page change when fuel is set (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007233: [Virtual Cockpit – View Presets] CDUs and ECL view preset is not zoomable (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007242: [FMS – Initialization] 8F Ident page not correct (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007243: [Systems – Lighting – VC/2D] FLOOD/PANEL LTS DEFAULT LVL options on SIMULATION page reversed (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007241: [EFB – Performance and Computational] Wrong min/max takeoff weight values in EFB OPT calculation error message with OPTIMUM flaps (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007237: [General – Unsure] ET/CHR digits displayed when loading default panel state (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007236: [Main Panel – EFIS Controls] INBOARD DSPL selectors in wrong position when loading the default panel states (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007235: [Pedestal – Radios/Comms/Navs] TCAS mode switch in wrong position when loading the default panel state (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007219: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Source Select Switches incorrect position during panel state load (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007234: [EFB – General] CTD when scanning EFB airports (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007216: [FMS – Setup/Options Pages] ELEC GEN OFF IS (CAUTION <-> ADVISORY) not saving (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007228: [External Model – Geometry] Rapid change in FPS disrupts stability of engine pylon flex computation. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007224: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Visible Seam (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007218: [External Model – Geometry] Several reports of missing landing gear on load (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0007217: [General – Suggested/Missing Features] Reset engine EGT after shutdown to ambient temperature (aids quick ignition for -8) (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0007221: [FREEZES – All Types] Several users reporting non responsive aircraft and frozen displays on departure (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0007220: [Main Panel – Aural/Visual Warning Systems] SEATBELTS OFF (748 only EICAS message) does not clear when panel state loaded into 744 (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007248: [General – 2D Panels] Background panel lighting for the Radio tuning panel in 2D pop up Inop (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
– 0007250: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] INOP light in 8F cockpit (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007251: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Wrong mouse pointer symbol on STB power switch on 8 passenger (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007201: [FMS – Route/Legs Pages] FIX Page distance limit (mfrantzeskakis) – resolved.
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To review the original update announcement, see the source thread via the PMDG forums over at Avsim.  If you’d like to learn more about various PMDG 747 product options, visit the aircraft listing page via the developers website.

*Image courtesy of PMDG Simulations.

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