PMDG, Prepar3D Version 4.4 and More

Robert Randazzo of PMDG has published a new statement regarding Prepar3D version 4.4 as well as several other items.  Firstly, the development team is finalizing testing with respect to a new update for the 747 Queen of the Skies II product line.  According to Robert, “It is a pretty comprehensive update with quite a few feature improvements, efficiency enhancements and even some cool new features that we haven’t shown you yet.”  Release is planned for early next week.

Next, with respect to Prepar3D version 4.4, Robert explains, “You should have no issues with forward compatibility in any PMDG product currently working in Prepar3D v4.3.”  Moreover, the developer is currently in the process of applying PBR materials to existing products, however, this process will take some time.  There is currently no estimated release timeline and the updates will be released on an “as ready” basis.  At the moment, PMDG is particularly busy with NG3 development as well as some major updates for the 747 series.

As a point of warning, once each product is PBR enabled, the “required version” will shift to Prepar3D version 4.4.  Those who prefer to remain with previous versions of Prepar3D V4 will no longer receive forward looking updates.

Lastly, the PMDG forum is moving from Avsim to a new location.  More information will be available shortly.

PMDG Prepar3D Version 4.4 and More

To read the complete post by Robert Randazzo, see the source thread via the PMDG forums at Avsim.  If you’d like to learn more about PMDG, visit the developers website.

*Image courtesy of PMDG Simulations.

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