POSCON Offers $50,000 Aquire VATSIM

POSCON Offers $50,000 to Acquire VATSIM

POSCON or the Positive Control Network has offered $50,000 to acquire a “well known flight simulation network” later confirmed to be VATSIM.  Said confirmation was disclosed by Lead Technical Director Matt Davies in response to a request for comment by FSElite.

The original offer announcement by POSCON was released only yesterday and reads, “POSCON is committed to advancing the development of online flight simulation and has tendered an offer to acquire a well known online flight simulation network to inject $50,000 into its continued development”.

This potential acquisition will obviously draw mixed opinions and significant emotion dependent on personal viewpoint.  Nonetheless, the offer does appear to be legitimate and as such, only time will tell as to the outcome.

With regards to POSCON, the company describes it mission and purpose as follows, “As aviation professionals, hobbyists, & enthusiasts, we have experienced the need for an improved, modern network that supports the latest technologies. So, we’ve employed a team of highly skilled programmers and administrators to guarantee the future of online simulation. And best of all, it’s completely FREE.”.  In simplistic terms, the company is trying to develop the next generation online flight simulation network.

To learn more about POSCON, see the company’s official website.  If you’d like to review the original offer announcement, jump to the source post via Facebook.

*Logo courtesy of Positive Control Network.

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