Premier 1A by Dan Petrozziello, Development Progress

Dan Petrozziello has shared some new preview images and a brief status update regarding the developers upcoming Beechcraft Premier 1A for X-Plane 11. According to Dan, “This week i’ll be working on the PFD and MFD screens. They’ll get all the sweet ProLine 21 features they deserve and need! I’ll also work on autopilot behavior, and i don’t plan on waiting for Laminar Research to fix their VNAV, i’ll code a custom one to work out-of-the-box.”

Check out some screenshots from a recent test flight (for the purpose of testing checklist items).

Loading Images

To view the original preview images and accompanying commentary, jump to page 4 of the official project development thread via the forums.

*Images courtesy of Dan Petrozziello.

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