PropStrike Studio, Dynamic Environment Obstruction Test

PropStrike Studio has released a new preview video demonstrating the developers ‘dynamic environment system’ plugin to be included as part of the upcoming Quatam River Airport release.  Announced earlier this month, the ‘dynamic environment system’ generates variable and random runway conditions by inserting various obstruction items.  Examples of these obstructions might include fallen trees, equipment, or other clutter objects.

Check out the demonstration video below showcasing an aircraft collision with a runway obstruction.

This certainly looks to be a promising feature adding very much to the overall immersion factor.  Before landing, pilots will be forced to perform a quick fly-by to ensure the runway is free and clear.

Stay tuned for more, we will post additional information and previews as they become available.

If you’d like to see the original video source, visit the applicable video page via YouTube.  To learn more about PropStrike Studio, check out the developers website.

*Video and feature image courtesy of PropStrike Studio.

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