PropStrike Studio Quatam River, Dynamic Environment System

PropStrike Studio has released some new product information with regards to the developers upcoming Quatam River Airport scenery for X-Plane 11.  Specifically, the developer has introduced a plugin feature titled ‘dynamic environment system’ which in simplistic terms, generates variable and random runway conditions.  This variation is accomplished by inserting obstruction items to the runway area, examples might include fallen trees, equipment, or machinery.  This feature sounds absolutely fantastic offering an even more immersive flying experience.

Please see below for an example and brief description.

PropStrike Studio Dynamic Environment System

To see some previously released scenery previews, search Quatam River via this website, there are several very good examples.  This scenery is going to be something unique and special, stay tuned for more.

If you’d like to review the original information source with regards to the ‘dynamic environment system’, visit the developers official Facebook page.

*Image courtesy of PropStrike Studio.

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