QualityWings 787 Service Pack Info, 787-10, and MSFS 2020

QualityWings 787 Service Pack Info

The development team at QualityWings have posted some new information and previews concerning the next 787 service pack (V1.2). Aside from ongoing bug fixes, the update will include the new 787-10 variant as well as various other general improvements. Please see below for a list of changes.

  • 787-10 variant
  • reworked weather radar
  • vPilot integration
  • GSX door control support
  • improved display fonts/looks
  • improved panelstate system
  • engine windmilling

According to QualityWings, most aspects of the update are already in a “pretty advanced state.” Items currently under development include 787-10 takeoff and landing behaviour as well as the reworked weather radar.

Moreover, with respect to a possible release timeline, the developer remarks, “As always there’s no definite release date but we’re planning to have this out before summer ends. Maybe earlier.” Keep in mind, the update is completely free of charge for existing users.

QualityWings 787 Service Pack Info Detail

Lastly, QualityWings provides some perspective regarding the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 announcement.

Also here’s a quick word on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Just like everybody else in the community we didn’t see that announcement coming. All of us on the team are excited and curious about what’s to come.

The level of excitement we see is extremely impressive and we think that our community as a whole will benefit from the new Simulator.

It’s too early to make any commitments but we’re keeping an eye on this new development for sure.

To review the complete status update, see the source post via Facebook. Alternatively, for more information about the Ultimate 787 Collection, visit the product page via the developers website.

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