QualityWings Releases Ultimate 787 for Prepar3D V4 and FSX Service Pack

Well, it’s here, QualityWings has released the Ultimate 787 Collection for Prepar3D V4!  Additionally and also important, the service pack for FSX and FSX Steam is available now.  The 64-bit version of this product has been one of the most anticipated releases in the flight simulation community, I know many will be hunkering down at their computers this evening.

As per the developer, the newly released Prepar3D V4 version includes several platform specific features including windshield rain effects by way of TFDi TrueGlass, optional high resolution gauges, and dynamic lighting.

Take a look at some release screenshots in 64-bit Prepar3D V4 below.

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As the product description is quite extensive, one should visit the official product sales page over at Flight One Software to review all the features and functions as well as see the entire offering of release media.  Those who would like to upgrade from the FSX and FSX Steam versions can do so at a 50% discount, see the aforementioned product sales page for more details.

To read the official release announcement made via Facebook, click here.

Anyways, enough talk, happy flying!

*Images courtesy of QualityWings Simulations. 

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