QualityWings Ultimate 787 Preview Video, Prepar3D V4

YouTube user NickFlightX has released a video preview trailer showcasing the QualityWings Ultimate 787 in Prepar3D V4.  There has been a tremendous level of uncertainty with respect to the potential release timeline of a 64-bit architecture compatible version of the product.  Apparently, as suggested by the posting of this video, release might be much closer than many initially thought!  Check out the video below.

The Prepar3D V4 version of the Ultimate 787 is slated to include a number of exclusive features.  According to a QualityWings press release dated March 31, 2018, said exclusive features might include:

*TrueGlass rain effects (P3D only)
*Dynamic lighting (P3D only)
*High resolution displays (P3D only)
*ND: Airport Map taxiway, runway and gate highlighting
*Config Page entry for PauseAtTOD and 1xAtTOD
*Panel state automatically saved whenever the user saves the flight in the FSX menu
*Support for key assignments for autopilot / autothrottle events
*Config option to set location of Activesky Snapshot files

This is certainly going to be a release for which many have been anxiously waiting and I suspect that it will be well worth the wait!  Stay tuned, we’ll provide an update as soon as more information becomes available.  To visit the above embedded video, click here.

*Video courtesy of YouTube user NickFlightX.  Feature image courtesy of QualityWings.

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