RDPresets Announces Worldwide Autogen for Prepar3D V4

After six months of development, RDPresets has announced ‘Autogen’ for Prepar3D V4. The addon is wide-scale and comprehensive replacement for worldwide autogen textures. According to the developer, “We have upgraded every texture of every Autogen building in Prepar3D V4, from old 512×512 textures to brand new 4096×4096 textures (4K) Without an FPS hit!”

This is obviously a very similar product to Orbx Buildings HD which is also coming soon.

Check out some preview images below.

Loading Images

Moreover, with respect to a possible release timeline, the developer notes, “…we are almost ready for release!” Please note, the price is already set at €12.49 EUR.

To review the complete project announcement, see the source post via Facebook.

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