RDPresets Worldwide Autogen for Prepar3D V4, Released

First announced only days ago, RDPresets has released ‘Autogen’ for Prepar3D V4. The addon is a comprehensive replacement for worldwide autogen textures and upgrades every texture for every autogen building. The package includes various resolution options (1K, 2K, and 4K) and is compatible with other “world” scenery addons (e.g. Orbx) – no additional clarification was provided.

Moreover, according to the developer, there is “[no] performance impact.”

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Please see below for a complete product features list.

  • Modern style autogen building textures
  • High quality custom made building textures, and with the ability to choose the resolution you prefer (4K, 2K or 1K)
  • Area suiting autogen depending where you are in the world
  • Custom sky scraper textures in big cities for the best skyline experience
  • New roofs textures for a great look from above
  • No performance impact!
  • Regular updates

For more information or to purchase, visit the product sales page via the developers website. As of the time of this writing, the addon is priced at €12.49 EUR.

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