Realworld Scenery Dayton International Airport, Released

Realworld Scenery has released KDAY, Dayton International Airport for Prepar3D V4.  According to the developer, the project is the “culmination of 4 years of work, photographs taken by hand and numerous trips to the real airport.”  Perhaps most important, the scenery represents the developers first full scale airport release.

Check out some official release images below.

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Next, see a complete features list according to Realworld Scenery.

  • Fully compatible and blended with FTX Global openLC North America
  • Ground polygons made with the requirements of the SDK Prepad 3D
  • Optimized Dynamic lighting for the entire airport only available for P3DV4
  • High resolution ground textures – Custom Runways, Aprons & Taxiways
  • Surrounding area with custom handplaced autogen
  • AI traffic compatible with accurat AFCAD file
  • 3D lighting models for taxiways and aprons
  • Automatic Season change for vegatation and surrounding area
  • High resolution photo base image
  • Airport grounds covered with volumetric grass/weeds
  • Highly detailed buildings designed and optimized for P3DV4
  • New ground techniques using specular and bump mapping for reflections
  • Many photos of the buildings taken with a real camera
  • This airport is as close to the real thing as we could get it!

If you’d like to review additional screenshots, watch the official video trailer, or make a purchase, visit the product sales page via simMarket.  As of the time of this writing, the scenery is priced at €23.00 EUR.  To learn more about Realworld Scenery, visit the developers website.

Lastly, although there is no specific reference within the actual product description, the developers website does note, “All products are fully compatible with all versions of Lockheed Martins Prepared P3DV1-4.” – take it as you will.

*Images courtesy of Realworld Scenery.

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