Released, xAmbience by HighSkyTech

HighSkyTech has released xAmbience for X-Plane 11.  According to the developer, the software “is an extremely powerful application that will enhance X-Plane visual environment.”  Perhaps most important, xAmbience features seasonal environmental effects such as snow.  As most are probably already aware, the default X-Plane installation does not include seasonal variations.

Moreover, other product features include new cloud rendering effects. improved atmospheric and lighting features, and custom water systems.  Keep in mind, the software is compatible with both FS Global Real Weather and Active Sky XP.

Check out some official release images below.

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Next, see a complete product features list according to the developer.

Cloud features
  • Cloud draw system with draw special conditions
  • Custom cloud formation system
  • Advanced controls
  • Cloud lightning model, depends at real weather situation and time.
  • Custom cloud shadow system with realistic effects
  • 10 cloud texture solutions with automatic install in plugin
  • 2 Rendering types: Detailed, Simple.
  • Cloud illumination from ground lights
Atmosphere features
  • Atmosphere colors depends at real weather conditions.
  • Calculative sky with custom logic depends at real weather situation, air density, temperature and e.t.c.
  • Fog, mist, haze effect calculative and adjustable.
  • Shadow draw system.
  • No performance impacts, unlike other addons.
  • Sky raleigh depends at weather conditions, clouds situation, altitude and more..
  • Custom atmosphere rendering model.
  • Sky saturation controls
  • 16 sky colors with custom lightning effects
  • Advanced fog implementation with 3d effects
  • Sky city lights effects
Lights features
  • Lights can be flashed, have effects at haze, visibility aspects and more..
  • Custom effects at rain, fog and e.t.c.
Water features
  • Custom wave draw system
  • Wave draw system depends at real weather situation, sky colors, precip, storms, and e.t.c
  • Adjustable waves
  • 16 waves colors with change system
Other features
  • Seasons system, change system depends at real weather situation, also, supports custom scenery.
  • Plugin configurator with more sliders, settings, presets, and adaptive presets load system.
  • Custom lightness
  • Custom post processing effects
  • Custom cockpit shadow effects with immersive effects
  • Shadow intensity controls
  • Seasons implementation
  • Snow effects
W.I.P. features:
  • Particle snow (1.1)
  • Particle rain (1.1)
  • AdvancedFlow (Cloud flow, fog flow and e.t.c)
  • 3D puddles

To learn more, review additional screenshots, or to purchase, visit the product sales page via the store.  As of the time of this writing, the software is priced at $34.95 USD.

*Images courtesy of HighSkyTech.

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