Resentium has Relaunched Global Earth for X-Plane 11

Following a somewhat confusing release earlier this week, Resentium has relaunched Global Earth for X-Plane 11. Keep in mind, as previously reported, the software is a global enhancement product with three primary components – variable non-tile textures, improved autogen, and realistic forests + trees.

Anyways, there were many issues surrounding the initial release including numerous bugs, a perceived inflated price, and general confusion regarding the product. Accordingly, the developer has lowered the price, posted a new update (V1.0.1), and provided some additional screenshots and two demo videos.

Check out some examples of the new release media below.

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Next, see an update changelog as well as the original product features list.


[Version 1.0.1]

  • Massive bug fix after release
  • Fixed some terrain textures
  • Fixed some tiling textures
  • Added coastlines textures
  • Changed trees size [by community request]
  • Changed the color of the trees
  • Fixed incorrect display of forests in some regions
  • As promised: we took more screenshots of autogen and a few videos about the product.


  • New terrain textures around the world
  • Highly detailed custom terrain textures whole the world
  • High resolution of all terrain textures whole the world
  • Highly detailed mountains area
  • Removed sharp transitions between different terrain textures around the world
  • Work well with any mesh for x-plane 11
  • Improved autogen textures in all regions
  • Improved facades textures in all regions
  • New night lightning from autogen
  • Autogen has realistic color shades
  • Partial application of PBR technology to autogen
  • Well visible from height the color of houses roofs
  • Great coastlines textures
  • Work well with Ortho4XP
  • Realistic dense forests
  • Gorgeous trees color


To review the complete (re)launch announcement, see the source post via Alternatively, for more information or to purchase, visit the product sales page via the store. As of the time of this writing, the package is priced at $45.00 USD.

*Images and video courtesy of Ltd.

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