REX Environment Force, Technical Update 1.1

REX Environment Force New Information

REX Simulations has posted a new technical update for the developers popular Environment Force plugin. The release brings the software up to Version 1.1 and features a number of fixes and additions to the existing product build. For reference purposes, Environment Force was first released back in April.

Please see below for an official “fix list.”


Fixed – HDR issues.
Fixed – PBR issues.
Fixed – Bloom issues.
Fixed – P3D CTD issues.
Fixed – Reworked validation code that prevented the mini UI.
Fixed – Water movement bug.
Fixed – Other performance fixes
Fixed – Fog/Haze when fog mode is off.
Fixed – Cloud morphing with Tomato Shade
Fixed – Lowered KeyExposure minimums for better HDR bloom tweaks
Fixed – Cloud morphing with PTA presets
Fixed – Cloud saturation with PTA presets
Fixed – Reduced bloom to minimums
Fixed – Performances issues
Added – Water wind to in-sim menu
Added – Experimental PBR controls to mini UI.
Added – Cloud visibility to the in-sim menu.
Added – Save last session option in in-sim mini UI.
Added – Server validation error messages


To review the original update announcement, see the source post via the REX forums. Alternatively, for more information about Environment Force, visit the product information page via the developers website.

You may recall, REX also released a small hotfix earlier this month.

*Image courtesy of REX Simulations.

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