REX SimAir, “Still Very Much Alive”

REX Simulations has released a new statement regarding the current development status of SimAir for FSX and Prepar3D.  According to REX, “I am sure most are thinking this project is dead.  It has been awhile since we have updated the progress of SIMAIR.  The state of the project is currently on hold.  However, it is still very much alive.  We just haven’t had the resources or time to put into.  The core of our focus has been solely on Sky Force, Weather Force, Environment Force, and Worldwide Airports.”

REX SimAir Still Very Much Alive

For some context, SimAir is a planned multiplayer environment primarily intended for virtual airlines – check out a proposed features list below.

  • Compete against other users in a massive multi-player experience.
  • Run your SIM CARRIER as a single-user or as a team.
  • Compete as an international / domestic / regional carrier or push others out to dominate as a local bush pilot.
  • Purchase aircraft, compete for gates, pursue virtual passengers, or hire virtual or real SIM PILOTS to fly your routes.
  • Face challenges and make decisions that actual carriers experience in the real world.
  • Get hired by an actual person to fly routes for their SIM CARRIER.
  • Log flight hours and earn respect with other SIM CARRIERS.
  • Experience real-life delays when preparing for your flight, which will affect your earnings depending on the decisions you make.
  • More information to come…

To review the original status update, see the source thread via the REX forums.  If you’d like to learn more about the SimAir project, visit the product page via the developers website.

The next status update is expected November 26, 2018.

*Image courtesy of REX Simulations.

2 Responses

  • Nope, this has been in the announcement stages for about what 9 years now, and they keep saying it’s on the back burner because they want to keep working on there other (crappy) stuff. It’s been said that they don’t have a good weather engine, they don’t really have much for verity when it comes to textures and what I have bought in the past has been dropped for what ever reason.

    They want to compete, but Orbx is coming out with Skypark, the answer that we have been waiting for. No long are we stuck with flying for a go no where data base that might be updated to what ever real world operations, we will now be able to fly passengers and cargo to anywhere in the world. REX wish they could catch up to the rest of the sim world. I wouldn’t buy there stuff, because the true reviews of people that have something to compare with say it all looks the same, or not as good.

    Good luck with winning the lottery REX, the rest of the simming world now uses and lives with quality utilities such as Active Sky, Cloud Art, and soon Skypark. Thanks Orbx.

    • Good analysis, I’m not going too deep with our perspective but I do think Skypark will be a success, at least based on interest demonstrated here at DFW! REX does have some good offerings but perhaps this particular niche is now filled.

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