Rotate MD-11, Fuel System

Following an electrical system preview back in December, Rotate has now shared another similar post showcasing the fuel system with respect to the upcoming MD-11 for X-Plane 11.  Keep in mind, although several items are still missing, the components, display, and logic are generally operative.  Please allow me to briefly paraphrase below.

All fuel tanks and relevant compartments have been fully and independently modeled.  Data from each is computed separately and processed via the fuel system controller.  This is where logic for subsystems have been implemented to simulate real world functions including fuel scheduling, cross feed, CG management, tip transfer, fuel dump, anti-ice re-circulation, ballast management, and abnormal operation.  Moreover, manual mode, failures, and various electrical dependencies have also been simulated.

Without getting too technical, check out the screenshots below.  The first image demonstrates a normal start sequence, the second illustrates various active system modes.

Loading Images

Next, see a list of independently simulated compartments.

  • All fuel tanks, including separate outboard and inboard wing compartments.
  • 18 fuel pumps.
  • 16 valves.
  • 5 manifolds.
  • 4 fuel feed valves.
  • Physical model for fuel flow and thermal behavior.
  • Automatic and manual modes.
  • Abnormal operation.

If you’d like to review the complete fuel system update and description, see the source post via the developers website.

*Images courtesy of Rotate.

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