ShortFinal Airport Environment HD 2.0, Released

ShortFinal Design has released Airport Environment HD 2.0 for X-Plane 11.  The freeware release by MisterX is a comprehensive object and texture replacement for default X-Plane airports.  According to ShortFinal Design, “Enhance your X-Plane experience with a new set of high resolution textures and objects for airports all around the world!”.

The product is of course a complete rework of the previous legacy version.

Check out a selection of official release images below.

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Next, please see a list of product features according to MisterX.

  • Runway and taxiway textures
  • Blast pads, runway shoulders, skid marks
  • Taxiway signs
  • Apron lights, fuel tanks
  • Baggage carts, tractors and cargo trucks
  • Ground textures
  • Painted ground signs, ramp markings
  • Taxi lines
  • Terrain textures on airport areas

Certainly a fantastic addition greatly improving the general look and atmosphere of default airports everywhere.  I have no doubt the community is very much appreciative of this freeware contribution.

To review the original release announcement, jump to the source post via the ShortFinal Design Facebook page.  Alternatively, head directly to the download page via

*Images courtesy of ShortFinal Design.

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