ShortFinal Design KLAX HD Released, X-Plane 11

ShortFinal Design has released KLAX, Los Angeles International Airport HD for X-Plane 11.  KLAX is the world’s fifth busiest passenger airport and serves as an operations hub to numerous commercial air carriers.  Moreover, the airport is the fourth busiest cargo hub in the United States with connections throughout the world.

The airport modeling, texture work, and general design look absolutely fantastic, certainly a great addition for X-Plane users – so many possible flight opportunities!

Check out some official release images below.

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Next, please see a list of product features.

KLAX HD is another masterpiece by MisterX

High Definition Airport

  • Accurate models for all buildings with baked Ambient Occlusion
  • Dynamic reflections on objects and ground textures
  • Custom high resolution ground textures
  • HDR night lighting, animated LAX Gateway Kinetic Light Pylons
  • High resolution photo scenery (15cm/px)
  • 311 parking positions with randomly placed static aircraft
  • Custom Mesh by maps2xplane, realistic sloped runways and taxiway underpasses

Fully Animated Airport

  • Animated airport vehicles (GroundTraffic)
  • Custom animated jetways and DGS at all gates (using the AutoGate plugin)
  • Animated information boards on terminals
  • World Traffic 3 routes already included, made by Brian “Cpt. K-man” Navy (Bird Stryke Designs)

The scenery is priced at $26.95 USD, however, if purchased during the 4th of July sale, there is a 10% discount.  To see more product images or to purchase, visit the official product page via the store.

*Images courtesy ShortFinal Design.

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  • this scenery gives me a whole lot of freezing lag and sutters and low fps is there a fix or an update? I hope so because I can not use this scenery.

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