ShortFinal SFD Global, Previews + Progress Update

ShortFinal Design has posted several new preview images and a brief status update in regard to the developers highly anticipated SFD Global for X-Plane 11.

For those unfamiliar with the project, SFD Global will offer a comprehensive replacement for default terrain textures, new custom autogen for select regions, and certain worldwide landmarks.

Please see below for the complete status update.

Status update on SFD Global:

Unfortunately, development has slowed down a bit lately due to various other commitments. However, I’m still trying to finish it this summer.

Terrain textures are about 90% done, and I started working on the final autogen region to be included in the release (South America). In the next two months, I will work on completing all regions and finishing/finetuning all terrain textures.

Here are some screenshots showing the current progress, including two comparisons shots with the default scenery and a small preview of the South American autogen.

Next, the screenshots as mentioned above.

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The original post is available via Facebook. For reference purposes, we last reported regarding SFD Global back in May.

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