Sim-Wings Canary Islands Professional, Tenerife South, Released

SPAIN – Sim-Wings, in partnership with Aerosoft, have released GCTS, Tenerife South Airport for Prepar3D V4. The scenery is a highly detailed rendition of the real world airport facility and further includes coverage of the entire island of Tenerife (including enhancements to Tenerife North).

For those unfamiliar with the area, Tenerife South is the larger of two airports on the island of Tenerife and is currently the second busiest airport in the Canary Islands. The facility handles approximately 11 million passengers per annum.

Please see below for a product features list.


  • Highly detailed Tenerife South Airport scenery with Tenerife Island
  • High-resolution aerial image for the airport and island of Tenerife (Airport LOD 18 = 15-25 cm/pixel, Island LOD 17 = 30-45 cm/pixel), extensively colour-corrected for true aerial colours
  • Detailed ground markings based on recent charts of parking stands and new taxiway layouts (Airac 1906). Includes recent main taxiway extension and huge changes of taxiway layout
  • High-definition height mesh with 5 m resolution for the entire Island
  • Autogen buildings and vegetation at all parts of the aerial image area
  • Extremely detailed Tenerife South airport buildings with interior designs at apron side and infrastructure buildings
  • Detailed animated jetway models (CTRL-J), SODE jetways available as optional download
  • Functional Safegates at all gates, no need for any other add-on to get working VGDS
  • Functional windsocks
  • Pre-rendered self-shadowing (Ambient Occlusion) at buildings
  • Animated vehicle traffic on the apron and around the airport
  • Detailed AFCAD file with airline parking codes, recent ILS changes and approach procedures
  • Extended configuration tool
  • Straightforward installation: no changes to default configuration necessary. No SODE needed for full functionality (despite for optional SODE jetways), everything is programmed using SDK features
  • Optimized dynamic lighting (can be turned off per area via the config menu)
  • Optimized 3D runway lighting with automatic activation/deactivation based on time of day and weather conditions
  • Use of PBR materials for ground water effects and windows (can be switched off to use of normal P3D v4 materials)
  • Configuration tool will automatically recognize which version of Prepar3D is used
  • Enhanced default scenery of GCXO (Tenerife North). GCXO “Lite scenery” containing animated jetways, dynamic lights…


For more information, additional release media, or to purchase, visit the product sales page via Aerosoft. As of the time of this witting, the scenery is priced at $30.99 USD.

Keep in mind, Gran Canaria is also coming very soon.

Source // Aerosoft

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