SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack, Incremental Updates

Following the release of version 3.5 late last month, SimCoders has posted several additional incremental updates for the developers Reality Expansion Pack for X-Plane 10 and 11.  As of the latest update, the software is up to version 3.5.5.  According to the developer, “The automatic updates bring you now v3.5.5 with tons of fixes for all the REP aircrafts.”

SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack software is available for select third party aircraft and replaces certain internal components of the default simulator with enhanced custom features.

SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack Incremental Updates

Please see below for a complete changelog from version 3.5.1 to 3.5.5.


  • Fix: In some cases the plugin was unable to recognize if the sim was paused or not. This could lead to some major issues, such airplane crash after leaving replay mode
  • Fix: the prop governor did not react correctly when controlled using a joystick axis
  • Fix: minor fixes to the sound engine
  • Fix: in some cases the engine temps were not updated correctly if the airplane was loaded in flight, causing the oil pump to seize
  • Fix: in some cases the liveries status were not loaded properly when changing from a livery to another of the same aircraft
  • C210 XP10/11 Fix: the throttle system was triggering the engine monitor to pop up when not necessary
  • C210 XP11 Fix: the cockpit was not using the new REP custom datarefs
  • SF260 Fix: under some conditions the flaps sounds was played when not necessary
  • SF260 Fix: the KFC225 autopilot did not follow the set NAV course properly
  • SF260 Fix: artifacts in livery registration (SF260_Matricula.obj)
  • SF260 Fix: the Bendinx/King KR87 did not apply the ADF mode properly
  • SF260 Fix: the Bendinx/King KR87 and KX165A timers did not properly format the elapsed time when counting hours
  • SF260 Fix: artifact on Night illumination with Nav1/Nav2 and Avionics label switch
  • SF260 Fix: left disappearing of Nav2 vor indicator.
  • SF260 Fix: F260 ICAO designator missing in the acf file
  • SF260 Allow GNS430 Popup touching the screen (it will popup 2 GNS430 in RealityXP option)
  • SF260 The “Toggle all batteries” command does not affect the Emergency Avionics switch anymore
  • Super Cub Fix: it was not anymore possible to switch panel type
  • Super Cub Fix: it was not possible to move the flaps when the battery was off
  • It is now possible to disable the advanced steering algorithm
  • Minor fixes


  • Cessna 172 and Laminar B58 Fix: the vacuum system may have reported a false LOW VAC warning
  • Cessna 172 and Laminar B58 Fix: the electric system may have reported a false LOW VOLTS warning
  • Carenado B58 and Laminar B58 Fix: the LT/RT ALT warning was triggered even when the alternators worked properly
  • Minor Fixes


  • Fix: fixed a compatibility issue with the sound engine
  • Fix: the parking brake lever was not properly set when parking brake was toggled using X-Plane default commands.
  • Cessna 210 XP11: Improved flap pitch moment


  • Fix: the new OpenAL equalizer showed some incompatibility with 3rd party plugins. This update will try to work around them and prevent crashes. A better fix will be provided in future releases.
  • Fix: the parking brake lever was not properly set when parking brake was toggled using X-Plane default commands.
  • C210 XP 11 Fix: the gear warning horn sound was missing
  • C210 XP 11 Fix: roll/torque behavior was not 100% correct during cruise
  • C172 Fix: the steering is now working properly in XP11.30+
  • C172 Fix: the installation files were not updated in v3.5.0


  • Super Cub Fix: The 180HP version crashed on load
  • Fix: the flaps handle did not move when the battery was off
  • Fix: the flaps motor sound was heard while checking the flaps during the walkaround
  • XP11.30 new hypoxia effect is now overridden and REP’s more precise hypoxia effect is used instead

To review the original update announcement, see the source blog post via the developers website.  Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack software, check out the product sales page.

On a related note, in partnership with JRollon Planes, SimCoders recently released the SIAI-Marchetti SF260D for X-Plane 11 – the aircraft natively features REP technology, see our post dated November 13, 2018 for more.

*Image courtesy of SimCoders.

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