SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack, V4.0.3 + Public Beta

SimCoders has pushed another product update for the developers Reality Expansion Pack. The latest release brings the software up to Version 4.0.3 and features a number of relatively minor improvements. Please note, the update is available using the ‘SkunkCrafts Updater’ or via the store.

Moreover, in addition to the update, SimCoders is looking for users to participate in some upcoming public beta testing. According to the developer, “There are interesting new features coming […] They’ll be quite a breaking change in REP’s code and it would be great if more users will test them before the stable release.” No specific information was provided regarding these changes. The first beta release is expected later this month.

SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack V4.03 Beta Testing

Please see below for a complete Version 4.0.3 changelog.

  • Improved C172 performance at altitude
  • Improved SF260 startup effects
  • Improved spark plugs fouling in-flight tip
  • Tach times are now only based on RPMs
  • In some cases, when first loaded after installation, the initial state of the airplane was not inited correctly
  • Minor fixes

To review the complete announcement including instructions regarding the public beta process, see the source post via the developers blog. Alternatively, for more information about SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack software, visit the product information page.

For reference purposes, Reality Expansion Pack was last updated back in February.

*Image courtesy of SimCoders.

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