SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack, Version 4.0.2

SimCoders has pushed a new product update for the developers Reality Expansion Pack.  The latest release brings the software up to V4.0.2 and features various additions and general improvements, many of which are specifically directed towards the SIAI-Marchetti SF260D.  These Marchetti specific items include librain and RealityXP GTN750 integration as well as a new ‘World March’ livery.

Moreover, the update includes several other items including the ability to disable brake smoothing and minor fixes for the C172, C210, F33, and both Bonanza products.

Check out some release screenshots below.

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The update is now available using the ‘SkunkCrafts Updater’ or via the store.

You may recall, SimCoders first released Reality Expansion Pack V4 just last month.

If you’d like to review the complete update announcement, see the source post via the developers blog.  For more information about SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack software, visit the product information page.

*Images courtesy of SimCoders.

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