SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack, Version 4.2.2

SimCoders has posted a new product update (V4.2.2) for the developers acclaimed Reality Expansion Pack (REP) software. The release includes various fixes and improvements to the Pilatus PC-12 package as well as X-Plane 11.35 compatibility for all other aircraft.

Please see below for a complete changelog according to the developer.

  • PC-12 – Fix: vr_config.txt error message at startup
  • PC-12 – Fix: the torque and ITT limiter is now smoother than before, letting engine parameters to stabilize
  • PC-12 – Fix: the pressurization system did not track the usage time properly
  • PC-12 – Fix: the lights check UI did not set the landing lights switch properly
  • PC-12 – Fix: the “Reset Economy System” button did not fix part of the PT6 turbine components
  • PC-12 – Improved the condition lever behavior
  • PC-12 – Improved the ground roll sounds
  • SF-260 – Fix: the tuned exhausts caused a CHT drop
  • SF-260 – Fix: improved CHT algorithm with X-Plane 11.35
  • All other planes – Fix: Tach time was not shown correctly in the Tachometer
  • All other planes – Fix: improved CHT algorithm with X-Plane 11.35
  • All other planes – Fix: the kneeboard and maintenance windows did not save their position properly, therefore they were not shown correctly after being popped out
  • All other planes – Fix: and X-Plane 11.35 bug prevented REP from reading the proper airspeed

If you’d like to review the original update announcement, see the source post via the SimCoders blog. Alternatively, for more information about REP technology and all available packages, visit the product information page.

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