SkunkCrafts P-51 Mustang Released for X-Plane 11

SkunkCrafts has released the P-51 Mustang for X-Plane 11.  The aircraft is long range single seat fighter bomber used extensively during World War II, the Korean War, and several other conflicts.  Originally introduced in 1942, more than 15000 examples were built.

Check out some official release captures below.

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Next, see a product features list according to the developer.

Superb Modeling and texturing
  • New and fully optimized 3D model by Khamsin
  • New and improved UV layout with additional textures
  • New set of 4K PBR textures optimized for XP11
  • New Normal and specular maps (for reflections)
  • Fully detailed and animated 3D cockpit with 3D gauges
  • Full VR-ready manipulators technology
  • Bare Metal 4K livery for painters
  • Extra 4K liveries: Blondie, Big Beautiful Doll, Geraldine, Glamorous Glenn III
Professionally tuned Flight and Engine models
  • Flight model by X-Aerodynamics (Cameron Garner)
  • Code-driven engine model
  • Dual speed supercharger simulated
  • Accurate flight behavior and performance
Superior sound system
  • FMOD sound pack by Daniela Rodriguez Careri
  • Roars and whistles like the real thing
  • All buttons, switches, gyros, levers, etc, have their own sounds
Extra features
  • Functional guns
  • Functional K14 gunsight with HUD
  • Gun camera can take pictures
  • Functional AN/APS13 ‘Monica’ rear threat radar
  • Optional 75 and 108 gallons external tanks
  • Choice between WW2 and modern pilot
  • Vintage trolley accumulator (GPU)
  • VR-friendly interface for options
  • Change aircraft configuration
  • Manage modern radios
  • Controls a basic Autopilot

To learn more about the SkunkCrafts P-51 Mustang, see the product sales page via the store.  As of the time of this writing, the aircraft is priced at $34.95 USD.

*Images courtesy of SkunkCrafts.

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