Skyline Announces Study Level Dash 8-200/300

Skyline Simulations has announced development of the Dash 8-200/300 for X-Plane.  According to the developer, “The Dash 8-200/300 will be a ‘study level’ (Realistic!) simulation of the real world aircraft, featuring accurate flight dynamics and systems simulation.  In addition, the UNS-1 Universal FMS System will also be simulated!”

With regards to current project status, Skyline clarifies, “Work is underway on the model right now, the pictures below are a work in progress and may not represent the final product.  We can assure you that the aircraft’s completed model will be extremely faithful to the real aircraft and will be impeccably detailed at a standard the XPlane community has come to expect from developers.”

Check out some development renders below.

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Lastly, in consideration of other ongoing projects, the developer notes, “Our other projects have not taken a back seat though!  Progress on Terni and KORD continues every day, and CVG will be receiving a MAJOR update at the beginning of 2019 (Or possibly sooner!) that will feature better quality, better performance, and more details, including terminal interiors!”

To review the complete project announcement, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Skyline Simulations, visit the developers website.

*Images courtesy of Skyline Simulations.

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