Skyline CVG Terminal 1 + Airport History

Skyline Simulations has posted a single preview capture from the developers upcoming CVG, Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport scenery for X-Plane 11.  The preview image showcases terminal 1 which as it turns out, enjoys a somewhat interesting history.

However, before we get into that, check out the preview image below.

Skyline Simulations KCVG Cincinnati Terminal 1 One Preview

Next, learn about some terminal one history as well as a potential product feature.  See below for the accompanying caption as posted by the developer via Facebook.

After being closed to passenger service back in 2007, Terminal 1 at KCVG served FedEx’s cargo operations. Six of it’s jetways were removed, save for one that rarely ever saw usage. Terminal 1’s interior was left vacant and sat empty for years undisturbed. If there’s any interest, we can release the passenger variant of Terminal 1 pre-2007 as an update after initial release. Stay tuned for more history on KCVG leading up to release! For some interesting pictures detailing KCVG’s history, visit…/the-downsizing-and…

Very interesting indeed, I love the concept of offering both a current and historical version of the terminal!

To see the original post source, visit the developers Facebook page, click here.

*Image courtesy of Skyline Simulations.

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