Skyline Dash 8, Panel Progress

Skyline Simulations has posted several new preview images showcasing the developers in progress Dash 8 Q100/Q200/Q300 aircraft package for X-Plane 11. Specifically, the previews highlight preliminary design work in regards to the instrument panel and other cockpit items. According to the developer, “We know it takes some time, but, as always, we aim for the best quality! Progress is being made and every step we take on this, we bring you closer to this beautiful bird! It is our first aircraft addon, so we are making sure you will get the best Q, as real as it gets!”

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To view the original preview images and accompanying commentary, see the source post via Facebook. For more information about Skyline Simulations, visit the developers website.

The project was last previewed back in February.

*Images courtesy of Skyline Simulations.

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