SkyMaxx Pro, Version 4.8 Cloud Previews

Maxx-XP has shared some new preview images from the developers upcoming Version 4.8 update for SkyMaxx Pro – X-Plane 11. Specifically, the screenshots showcase overcast cloud layers and associated artwork as well as various preset options. Keep in mind, the update will be completely free of charge for existing (V4) users.

First, with respect to overcast layers, the developer comments, “Some full screen images of the new overcast layers to highlight the impact our new artwork provides.”

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Next, in regards to preset options – “Here is a mixed bag of cloud types, each image has different selections for Cirrus, Cumulus and Overcast. Using the new cloud art UI creates a large number of possible looks to help provide the best visual representation….”

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To view the original preview images and accompanying commentary, see the developers Facebook page. Alternatively, for more information about SkyMaxx Pro, visit the product sales page via X-Aviation.

*Images courtesy of Maxx-XP.

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