Skytitude introduces ExoFlora for X-Plane 11

Looks like a new development company is about to enter the X-Plane marketplace. Specifically, the company is named Skytitude and their first product is titled, “ExoFlora.”

In essence, ExoFlora is a worldwide (and high quality) vegetation replacement for X-Plane 11. Skytitude claims to have eliminated linear artifacts resulting in improved visual quality compared to similar add-ons.

Release is coming soon and the price is already set at $9.95 USD.

Please see below for a preliminary features list as well as a selection of images.


  • High resolution flora textures

  • Different types and sizes of trees, bushes and grass depending on location

  • variety of texture colors to match your region

  • Professional level of optimization

  • Full support for SFD Global, X-Europe, OrthoXP. The rest is on request

  • Intuitive automatic installation in a couple of clicks

  • Now this is the most realistic flora in X-Plane!


  • Low price compared to competitors

  • Upscale Ultra HD vegetation textures

  • No linear artifact on large fores areas

  • Vegetation everywhere, including areas inside the autogen zones

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Images: Skytitude

Source: Skytitude

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