Skytitude releases ExoAirports for X-Plane 11

In a surprise announcement, Skytitude has both introduced and released ExoAirports for X-Plane 11. In essence, the add-on is a worldwide airport ground surface replacement – this includes runways, taxiways, helipads, aprons, grass, dirt, and so forth.

Moreover, according to the developer, “Our product has unique features that distinguish us from our competitors, for example, we implement the “OffTiling” technology, you will no longer be distracted by the poor repetition of textures.” Additionally, “We are the only ones who have created high-quality ‘Grunge Masks’ in the simulator for markings, tire tracks, etc.”

For those interested, the package is currently priced at $23.99 USD and is available via the store.

Check out some images and a product features list below.

  • Excellent Photoscanned Asphalt Runways & Asphalt Helipads

  • Gorgeous Realistic Concrete Runways & Concrete Helipads

  • Incredible High Quality Gravel Runways, Pavement & Helipads

  • Natural Smooth Grass Airstrips & Grass Elements

  • Photoscanned Arid Desert Airfields & Desert Elements

  • Realistic Dirt Airstrips

  • Superb Quality and a lot of variety Of Aprons & Taxiways Textures

  • High Quality Markings, Taxilines, Ground Signs, Navigation Signs

  • Excellent Physical Based Rendering Effect / PBR

  • “NoTiling” Technology Applied. The textures no more repeating.

  • Tire Skids, Grunge Effect On Runways, Taxiways, Markings, etc.

  • Normalized Runways Edges

  • Reworked Runways Shoulders

  • Unbelievable Airports Terrain Textures with a lot of variety

  • Absolutely All Is Automatic, you don’t need do something manually

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